Nearshore Partnerships

Nearshore Partnerships

Looking to scale up your team efficiently and with quality talent? For North American firms looking to nearshore a portion, or all, of their software development projects, SALTAR is pleased to offer strategic alliance partnerships with software development firms in a variety of Latin American countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru and Uruguay. SALTAR is happy to work with you and find the best nearshore partner for your specific team needs.

Who would benefit?

  • Firms with an agile development philosophy seeking to expand their work
  • Firms that value culture but struggle to find or afford enough skilled developers
  • Firms that prize speed and quality of development (not just cost)
  • Firms that value innovative, customizable solutions 

Why Latin America? 

  • Better than offshore: 
    • Alignment with agile/scrum
    • Faster communication
    • Greater cultural similarity = stronger team integration
    • Geographic proximity = easier/cheaper to visit
    • More control over product & processes
    • Avoid night shifts
    • Higher-quality work
    • Customizable product design and development
  • Advantages over local:
    • Much lower costs
    • Large skilled workforce — room for growth/expansion
    • Access to specialized skills
    • Allows scale for complex projects  

Site Selection and Assessment

For North American firms looking to establish a more formal presence in Latin America, SALTAR can assist with the site selection process and the due diligence research that the process entails.